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A week or three ago, I mentioned that I'd be trying to post training stuff in this community for those who've been unable to get on IRC for the live sessions. I ran a quick session tonight and decided that I might as well post it in here for the benefit of the group. :)

Ok, so first you start with the request. The one we're going to work with is this one right here. The text of the request is under here. )

The very first thing you do when you read a request is to figure out what they're talking about. This is a mood theme issue and a crossposter issue. The next thing you do is check Bugzilla. When you go to Zilla, you can search for mood theme or crossposter to find out if there's a bug. That search is done for you here. (I searched for mood theme because crossposter has a ton of random things and it'd be harder to find the bug.) Anyway, the bug you want is Bug 1132. You should have the makeinternal priv, so make an internal comment with that bugref. (Don't worry that someone else beat you to it. Just do it. I'd rather have the bugref a bajillion times than not once at all.)

Now you check the FAQs to see if there's anything in the Issues FAQ. Because this is a Crossposter issue, you should look under the Crossposting FAQ. It's there. Awesome!

So: known issue, bug already filed and ref'd, and there's a FAQ on it. You're ready to write your response! It should look something like this:

The issue you describe is a known issue. The Dreamwidth Development team is working to resolve it, though I do not have an estimated date of completion at this time. Thank you for your bug report!

Then submit it. You can ref the FAQ if you want to. I did in my real answer (which you may want to look at). If you choose to, you should say something about how their solution is the solution on the FAQ page, but they might want to view it anyway.

And, um... Yep. That's about it. Pretty simple, I think! Any questions?



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