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Hey guys. I did this for the winter, so I figured I'd do 'em for the spring/summer too! Shiny icons customized with your name and what you do on Dreamwidth.

This spring, they look like this:

(For the image-impaired: these feature a lush green expanse of grass with a slender flower stalk coming out of it. At the end of the stalk is a fluffy dreamsheep, dreaming Dreamwidth, as per usual. In red, my name is written (Kat) and on the grass in a lighter green is my description (SupportHelp).)

Anyway, due to the limitations of the image, I can't do really long usernames. Please pick something short and sweet for your icon. For example, [personal profile] azurelunatic can request her icon to say Azz. Alternately, I may be able to swing longer usernames if there's a logical break where I can split it to fit on two lines. For Azz, it would be Azure Lunatic.

This offer is obviously open to all volunteers, Support or not. Appropriate department heads, please feel free to crosspost this to your communities. :)

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If you like my very nice new icon that I made almost all by myself and would like one of your VERY OWN, please comment with the title you'd like (mine says SupportHelp, but yours can say Support Volunteer or just Volunteer or Developer or whatever you want) and what name you'd like on it. :)

I've got red ones for staff-y types and blue ones for regular vols, but if you want yours to be red or any other color, just let me know! It'll take me like 10 seconds to change the color, so it ain't no thang.

They look like this:

Alt text: A sleeping blue sheep with a snowflake on him, with the dream bubble saying Dreamwidth Volunteer, and username underneath that.

Once you upload it to your own icon space, you can set it as your Support icon by giving it the username _support and saving it. :)

The offer is open to all volunteers and supporters of Dreamwidth, not just staff-y types and Support volunteers. If you get directed here from elsewhere, feel free to comment!

What your comment needs to contain:
What you would like your title to be (Volunteer, Spam Monkey, Support Volunteer, Developer, Ostrich, whatever)
What you would like your name to be (your username, your real name, your IRC /nick, whatever)

Sheepy sheepy sheepy sheeeeeepy!



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