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Dec. 13th, 2009 06:39 pm
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As I think I mentioned previously, the Triumvirate ([personal profile] zarhooie, [personal profile] domtheknight and [personal profile] chemicallace) is able to grant certain Support-related privileges (privs) to current or potential volunteers. These privs will allow you to view certain things in Support requests that will better enable you to answer them quickly and accurately.

View Screened and Make Internal will allow you to view the unapproved (screened) answers of other volunteers and to make Internal Comments (ICs) which are notes about requests that are viewable only to users who have the viewinternal priv. These two privs are available to every volunteer.

View Internal will allow you to view internal comments. ICs usually contain notes about the request as well as Bugzilla URLs and other information. In general, we grant this priv to those who have answered a few requests.

Change Summary allows you to change the summary/title of a request to be more informative. This priv is given out rarely as it is most commonly used to "tag" requests for site owner attention based on a Triumvirate assessment.

Movetouch allows you to move requests between categories (cats), including to private cats such as Accounts and Webmaster. This priv also allows volunteers to deal with spam on the boards. It is given out rarely, and only to volunteers who have more experience, as misuse can affect the end-user's experience.

If you would like to request any of the privs detailed above, please leave a comment on this entry. The Triumvirate reserves the right to decline a request for a specific priv.

Note: There are other privs also, such as one that allows you to view styles information, and one that will allow you to view the metadata of certain entries. These privs are only available on a limited basis; please contact one of the Triumvirate privately if you would like to request them.


Kat, Dom and Chemla
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As some of you are aware, Dreamwidth is planning a complete overhaul of several major systems. One of those is Support (thank goodness!). I've written up a proto-spec for what I'd like to be done, and on Saturday the 31st, we'll be brainstorming about it in #dw_support on IRC.

The meeting will be held starting around 7pm CST pending Dom's return from a football game. You can find out what time that is in your timezone here:

If you can't make it, don't worry! We'll post notes in here afterwards.

To connect to IRC, you can use The server is, the port is 6667 and the channel is #dw_support. See you there!

-Kat, Dom and Chemla


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