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Hello everyone!

Since a lot of you don't swing by the #dreamwidth-support IRC channel ( I AM JUST SAYING GUYS), you probably don't know that I am currently offering AAB (Approvable Answer Bounty) on every approvable answer submitted between now and... hm, maybe next Thursday, the 15th? That sounds like a nice span of time to me, so let's make it that.

- To be eligible for the bounty, you must submit an approvable answer on ANY open request between the time you read this and 11:59pm Hawaii time on Wednesday, 15 July 2010.
- The bounty shall be no less than 5 points per approvable answer, with the possibility for more for exceptionally elegant answers or extra complicated requests.
- The determination of approvability will be by me. If there is any question, it will be forwarded to the Triumvirate for further discussion.
- To redeem your points, you must PM me, [personal profile] zarhooie, with the URLs to the requests you answered. If you do not do this, you will not get any points. PMs to other SupportHelps (Dom and Chemla) will not count towards your final URL count.
- All sales are final.
- You can leave answers on requests that don't have any answers or requests that have screeneds.
- If you don't know the answer, but have a reasonable guess, please leave an answer with your guess. It is possible you may be right. If you have any reasonable suspicions, but aren't sure enough to leave an answer, leave an IC. I am not promising, but URLs with ICs on them may also get points.

I really want to get the board degreened, so let's work together to make that happen!

<3 <3 <3,
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