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[sticky entry] Sticky: Support request summaries and tagging.

Hai everybody:

In order to better keep track of issues for which we have multiple requests, we've been tagging them in the request summary. Kat has cleared anyone with the ability to tag requests, and modify the summaries as needed to make them closer match the actual issue.

Currently, we have a few tags defined.
[PBE] - Post By Email issues
[CNI-LJ] - Comments not importing from Livejournal. 
[CNI-IJ] -  Comments not importing from InsaneJournal.
[IJ] - Issues with importing from InsaneJournal which are not limited to just comments.  
[Fix In Progress] - This is an Identified Bug and has made its way to someone who is working on a patch. This tag is admin-only at this point. 
[CRI] - Cannot Rename Icons. For the record, this is being investigated by [personal profile] purplecat 

Tag are created on an ad-hoc basis to deal with issues as they crop up. These are just the ones in active use right now. 


Importer Issues

We have two requests which mention specific error messages. Could a dev or experienced volunteer have a look at them?


Failure running job: no element found at line 1968, column 0, byte 178954 at /home/dw/current/extlib/lib/perl5/x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi/XML/Parser.pm line 187.


Unable to load FOAF data

Chrome entry-posting issues

We have 4 requests related to not being able to post via Chrome:


I've tested both the beta entry form and the default form and have had no issues posting. My add-ons are LJJuggler, Adblock Plus, Too Many Tabs and SexyUndo Closed Tabs. (There might be others, but those are the ones I can see right now. *g*)

Trouble w/ Entries

There are two requests related to entries not being posted out of order:

http://www.dreamwidth.org/support/see_request?id=29129 (this one is a week old)

How to solve this?

Also http://www.dreamwidth.org/support/see_request?id=29134, which might be related as well.

(Note: edited bc of new info)

Problem with comment imports?

Hi! Can someone explain what's going with LJ comment imports? I see Support answers refer to a 4-year-old maintenance post and I don't understand if the issue has reoccurred or has been going on for years, and really what this means for users.

(Sorry for the IRC duplicate but I'm trying to get better at posting here too.)
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[personal profile] jennifer2014-06-25 12:02 am

blogspot OpenID problems

Kat asked me to post an FYI here about a support request I just answered about blogspot.com OpenID issues, in case anyone else writes in asking about it. The short version is that it's Google's problem, not ours.

The support request is here: http://www.dreamwidth.org/support/see_request?id=26619

The Google result that came up when I searched on "Whoops, that's an error" is here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/blogger/nySh9Dp0qI4
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[personal profile] misskat2014-03-18 10:57 pm

Update on Bugzilla

Mark has posted something in dw-dev that I recommend you read.

Since it sounds like it'll be a bit before we are able to start using the new tracking system (likely Github Issues or GHI), I'm looking into a temporary solution for Support that doesn't involve keywords in ICs (messy and unreliable) or lists in personal journals (not a good common resource). One of the other volunteers suggested creating an entry in this community, and then tracking bugs in comments. That way, nothing will get lost, and we'll have a common resource. I'm going to think on it tonight, and I'll post here once I've made a final decision. I welcome any commentary!

Thanks, folks!
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[personal profile] misskat2014-03-14 08:38 am


Bugzilla is going to be down for a while due to some extenuating circumstances. The team is working on getting things back up and running, but it's going to take some time.

Until further notice, please use the following checklist for recording and documenting a bug which is reported/discovered via Support:
  • In an internal comment:
      • Descriptive but concise title
      • This should contain a slightly longer description of the bug, as well as a paraphrased version of any troubleshooting. If you suspect you know why the bug is doing the thing, put that in here too. Steps to reproduce are also appreciated.
      • Include those words (capitalized or not) somewhere in the bug report. This will provide an easy keyword to search for when it's time to move these from internal comments into the bug tracking system.
The purpose of this special, dedicated internal comment is to generate an email notification of the IC which can be used as a temporary bug storage place until we have our real bug tracking system in place again. If you have any additional comments to make on these temp bug reports, go ahead and just comment on the request. Include the phrase BUGREPORT in your IC so it'll get picked up in a search.

Does that all make sense? I am welcome to suggestions for a different process if you think of something better/more efficient. I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning. :)

Thanks for all you do, folks.

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[personal profile] misskat2014-01-27 02:29 pm

InsaneJournal errors (importing and xposting) redux

Everything should be working fine now, per Squeaky.
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[personal profile] misskat2013-12-27 06:59 am

InsaneJournal errors (importing and xposting)

Some users are getting xpost and import errors with InsaneJournal. I'm working with Squeaky to resolve the issue. We've already provided them with a patch, but it didn't fix the issue entirely. I updated the BBB to reflect this information (well, not the bit about the patch), so hopefully we won't get many reqs about it.

On an unrelated note: I am going to be out of the country for apprx 2 weeks. Internet may be spotty during this time, but I WILL be checking on things!

You all are amazing, and I appreciate all the hard work you've done this year. Without you, this machine would be less oiled! Merry Christmas, Happy (belated) Hanukkah, Glorious Festivus, and all my best to you and yours for a blessed New Year. :)
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[personal profile] misskat2013-11-25 10:30 am

News post is up: http://dw-news.dreamwidth.org/35087.html

There is at least one importer fix included, and a bunch of notifications backend stuff. If you see any more importer issues, please let me know. If notifications bugs come through, and you're able, jump on IRC and see if Dre's around. If she isn't, no big, but she's the one who deals with those.

There are also a few styles things, but the one we might see is dealing with custom text disappearing. There's a fix for it here: http://style-system.dreamwidth.org/103826.html

ETA: there was one more bug that popped up which involved importing/xposting to InsaneJournal. They've applied a patch to fix it, so if any more show up, it'll need more investigation.
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[personal profile] misskat2013-10-23 10:57 pm

Importer fix!

The CNI issues should be fixed! Mark figured it out.

Here's hoping!

Fingers crossedly yours,

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[personal profile] misskat2013-09-04 11:27 am

Emailed comments bouncing?

We've got a request about emailed comments bouncing back with the error "Client error: Message looks like spam." The user also gets a captcha when they go to the page to reply. Is anyone else getting this issue? Any ideas on what could be causing it?

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[personal profile] misskat2013-08-05 08:46 pm

302 Errors?

There's an open request about 302 errors that are happening to this user when replying to comments. If you run into this, please comment here so I can track the issue.
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[personal profile] misskat2013-07-28 09:58 am

"Why is my journal suspended?" requests

If someone shows up in general Support asking why their account is suspended, here's what you do with it:
--search the [site community profile] dw_antispam community for the username in question.
---If it shows up, then transfer the request to the Antispam support cat.
---If it does NOT show up, then transfer to Terms of Service, with a note that you didn't see the username in the antispam comm.


ETA: 90D pointed out that antispam is a locked community, so most of you can't search it. If you have access to it, then do the above. If not, then leave the request, or move it to Peterstein if the user is cranky.
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[personal profile] misskat2013-07-25 11:12 am

Crossposting, other errors, importe

We're getting a lot of XMLRPC errors when crossposting to LiveJournal. Usually that means that LJ is having connectivity issues. I've updated the BBB, and alerted Mark etc (just in case it's actually an issue on our end, which is unlikely).

There are also some reports of non-persistant 403 and 503 errors. They should clear on refresh. The bossen are also aware of this, and there's at least one theoretical solution to the problem at this time.

Finally, with this latest code push, Fu is hopeful that some of the importer issues may have been resolved. I would really appreciate it if someone (or multiple someones) went through and asked the importer req people to retry again. If you're able to approve your own answers, do so on those. If not, then Dom, Chemla, or I will get to them sometime soon.

Thank you all SO much for all you do!
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[personal profile] kaberett2013-07-21 10:35 pm

Reports of 403 errors - a compilation

#23117, from [personal profile] subluxate, on the 12th of July. Two #dw members reported seeing similar. As far as I know, neither of us are seeing them any more, and nor is subluxate. -- WAIT I SPOKE TOO SOON, when I attempted to edit this post for broken HTML, I got another one of the little sods.

#23195, from [personal profile] loupaigre, 20th of July

#23200, from [personal profile] lassarina, also 20th of July

#23287, made 28th of July

Collected here in the hope that having all the reports in one place might be helpful.
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[personal profile] misskat2013-07-01 10:25 pm

Thing about the crossposter

The inbox says that it "failed to connect" to LJ.

That error message means that our servers weren't able to reach LiveJournal's servers at the time you tried to crosspost. It can happen for a number of different reasons, but it's usually a transient error having to do with LJ being unavailable at the exact second the crosspost attempted. The system will retry the crosspost up to five times, at progressively longer intervals, before failing (each attempt will be numbered in your inbox, so if you only get one failure rather than five, that means the second attempt was successful). After the fifth failure, it won't try again anymore; if that happens, doublecheck that your LJ password is correct, then edit the post and check the unchecked crosspost box to get it to try again. (Then, if you still keep getting failures after that, open a support request.)

--From Denise in an answer on a maint post.

There's been some confusion before about how many times the crossposter retries, so I figured I'd stick this here for reference.

ETA: Parts of this entry originally referenced the importer, not the crossposter. I get them confused sometimes! Anyway, that's been fixed.
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[personal profile] misskat2013-06-27 12:03 am

Closing run!

It'd been a while since I did a closing run, so I did one tonight! You can check the High Scores page to see where you are.

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[personal profile] misskat2013-06-25 12:09 am


We rolled back our updates to the OpenID modules, so everything should be working now. Let me know if it's not!
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[personal profile] misskat2013-06-24 09:27 pm

Dreamwidth Hackathon / Docsathon

I'm starting to coordinate a hackathon/docsathon in October. It'd be in the US, probably in Las Vegas. If you're a Support volunteer, and you're interested in attending, please check out the deets and fill out the poll over here: http://dw-volunteers.dreamwidth.org/22227.html

(If you're not sure if you should attend, feel free to message me. I'll tell you yes, then you can go fill out the poll.)