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The CNI issues should be fixed! Mark figured it out.

Here's hoping!

Fingers crossedly yours,

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We've got a request about emailed comments bouncing back with the error "Client error: Message looks like spam." The user also gets a captcha when they go to the page to reply. Is anyone else getting this issue? Any ideas on what could be causing it?


302 Errors?

Aug. 5th, 2013 08:46 pm
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There's an open request about 302 errors that are happening to this user when replying to comments. If you run into this, please comment here so I can track the issue.
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If someone shows up in general Support asking why their account is suspended, here's what you do with it:
--search the [site community profile] dw_antispam community for the username in question.
---If it shows up, then transfer the request to the Antispam support cat.
---If it does NOT show up, then transfer to Terms of Service, with a note that you didn't see the username in the antispam comm.


ETA: 90D pointed out that antispam is a locked community, so most of you can't search it. If you have access to it, then do the above. If not, then leave the request, or move it to Peterstein if the user is cranky.
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We're getting a lot of XMLRPC errors when crossposting to LiveJournal. Usually that means that LJ is having connectivity issues. I've updated the BBB, and alerted Mark etc (just in case it's actually an issue on our end, which is unlikely).

There are also some reports of non-persistant 403 and 503 errors. They should clear on refresh. The bossen are also aware of this, and there's at least one theoretical solution to the problem at this time.

Finally, with this latest code push, Fu is hopeful that some of the importer issues may have been resolved. I would really appreciate it if someone (or multiple someones) went through and asked the importer req people to retry again. If you're able to approve your own answers, do so on those. If not, then Dom, Chemla, or I will get to them sometime soon.

Thank you all SO much for all you do!
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#23117, from [personal profile] subluxate, on the 12th of July. Two #dw members reported seeing similar. As far as I know, neither of us are seeing them any more, and nor is subluxate. -- WAIT I SPOKE TOO SOON, when I attempted to edit this post for broken HTML, I got another one of the little sods.

#23195, from [personal profile] loupaigre, 20th of July

#23200, from [personal profile] lassarina, also 20th of July

#23287, made 28th of July

Collected here in the hope that having all the reports in one place might be helpful.
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The inbox says that it "failed to connect" to LJ.

That error message means that our servers weren't able to reach LiveJournal's servers at the time you tried to crosspost. It can happen for a number of different reasons, but it's usually a transient error having to do with LJ being unavailable at the exact second the crosspost attempted. The system will retry the crosspost up to five times, at progressively longer intervals, before failing (each attempt will be numbered in your inbox, so if you only get one failure rather than five, that means the second attempt was successful). After the fifth failure, it won't try again anymore; if that happens, doublecheck that your LJ password is correct, then edit the post and check the unchecked crosspost box to get it to try again. (Then, if you still keep getting failures after that, open a support request.)

--From Denise in an answer on a maint post.

There's been some confusion before about how many times the crossposter retries, so I figured I'd stick this here for reference.

ETA: Parts of this entry originally referenced the importer, not the crossposter. I get them confused sometimes! Anyway, that's been fixed.
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It'd been a while since I did a closing run, so I did one tonight! You can check the High Scores page to see where you are.



Jun. 25th, 2013 12:09 am
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We rolled back our updates to the OpenID modules, so everything should be working now. Let me know if it's not!
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I'm starting to coordinate a hackathon/docsathon in October. It'd be in the US, probably in Las Vegas. If you're a Support volunteer, and you're interested in attending, please check out the deets and fill out the poll over here: http://dw-volunteers.dreamwidth.org/22227.html

(If you're not sure if you should attend, feel free to message me. I'll tell you yes, then you can go fill out the poll.)


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