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If you're interested in volunteering for Dreamwidth support, take a second to read over the Support guide -- this is for matters of form in answers, not a process/procedure document, but we do expect that everyone who's going to be answering will be familiar with these guidelines.

I'm nine-tenths done with a "Support process" document -- describing the support board, how it works, and what the lifecycle of a request is -- which I'll link here, along with a guide to what privileges ("privs") are and how they work in the context of the support board. This will explain how things work, for those who don't have experience volunteering for support on another LJ-based site.

In the meantime: We have decided that anyone who displays interest in volunteering for support will receive the supportviewscreened and supportmakeinternal privs. (If you don't know what those are, keep an eye on the Privileges page on the Wiki -- I'll be updating that with a full list of the Support-related privs, what they do, and why they're important, hopefully by the time I go to bed tonight.)

If you wish to be part of the DW support team, whether casually (answering a few questions here and there) or regularly, comment to this entry with the account you want to do Support as. Once you comment, I'll grant your account the basic set of privs that anyone doing support can have.

Stay tuned for links to more information.
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