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Bugzilla is going to be down for a while due to some extenuating circumstances. The team is working on getting things back up and running, but it's going to take some time.

Until further notice, please use the following checklist for recording and documenting a bug which is reported/discovered via Support:
  • In an internal comment:
      • Descriptive but concise title
      • This should contain a slightly longer description of the bug, as well as a paraphrased version of any troubleshooting. If you suspect you know why the bug is doing the thing, put that in here too. Steps to reproduce are also appreciated.
      • Include those words (capitalized or not) somewhere in the bug report. This will provide an easy keyword to search for when it's time to move these from internal comments into the bug tracking system.
The purpose of this special, dedicated internal comment is to generate an email notification of the IC which can be used as a temporary bug storage place until we have our real bug tracking system in place again. If you have any additional comments to make on these temp bug reports, go ahead and just comment on the request. Include the phrase BUGREPORT in your IC so it'll get picked up in a search.

Does that all make sense? I am welcome to suggestions for a different process if you think of something better/more efficient. I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning. :)

Thanks for all you do, folks.

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