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MissKat ([personal profile] misskat) wrote in [site community profile] dw_support_training2013-07-28 09:58 am

"Why is my journal suspended?" requests

If someone shows up in general Support asking why their account is suspended, here's what you do with it:
--search the [site community profile] dw_antispam community for the username in question.
---If it shows up, then transfer the request to the Antispam support cat.
---If it does NOT show up, then transfer to Terms of Service, with a note that you didn't see the username in the antispam comm.


ETA: 90D pointed out that antispam is a locked community, so most of you can't search it. If you have access to it, then do the above. If not, then leave the request, or move it to Peterstein if the user is cranky.

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