Jun. 7th, 2013

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Hai everybody:

In order to better keep track of issues for which we have multiple requests, we've been tagging them in the request summary. Kat has cleared anyone with the ability to tag requests, and modify the summaries as needed to make them closer match the actual issue.

Currently, we have a few tags defined.
[PBE] - Post By Email issues
[CNI-LJ] - Comments not importing from Livejournal. 
[CNI-IJ] -  Comments not importing from InsaneJournal.
[IJ] - Issues with importing from InsaneJournal which are not limited to just comments.  
[Fix In Progress] - This is an Identified Bug and has made its way to someone who is working on a patch. This tag is admin-only at this point. 
[CRI] - Cannot Rename Icons. For the record, this is being investigated by [personal profile] purplecat 

Tag are created on an ad-hoc basis to deal with issues as they crop up. These are just the ones in active use right now. 

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We have Support Search now.

A couple notes:
--it will do the type of searching where if you look for run, it also pulls up running, runner, runnarizing, and so on. It's called stemming, and it's the same as regular journal/comment search.
--If a search term returns results that you aren't able to view (like something in Accounts, or Webmaster), you'll get an error: "None of the results on this page are visible to you, but you can continue paging." If you get this, clicky the thing for "next page" to get more results. You may need to go through a few pages to get to a request that you can view.
--Fun fact: if you sign your requests with your name, you can look up requests that you've answered yourself. As far as I can tell, this is my first answered Support request.

If you run into any bugs, please let me know!

As an aside, I got to go visit our servers yesterday, and watched tonight's code push on TV. I squee'd a lot while the ssearch database was loading! IT IS VERY EXCITING, OK? Everyone thank Mark for working hard to get this done!



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